If so, don't fall victim to a mortgage relief scam artist! If you are behind on your mortgage, you may be contacted by a person or business promising to be able to reduce your monthly payments or guaranteeing you a loan modification. This is illegal, no one can guarantee a loan modification or a reduction in monthly payments.

Since the foreclosure crisis began in 2006, scam artists have conned tens of thousands of homeowners out of money through false promises to save homes from foreclosure. In reality, these con artists take thousands of dollars from families during one of the most difficult periods of their lives and putting them at a higher risk of foreclosure.

Check out these warning signs for mortgage rescue scam artists If you have you received letters, telephone calls, or visits from individuals or firms offering to help you avoid foreclosure on your home - or know someone who has - contact the Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston today. We will examine your case and can advise you of your rights, provide free legal referrals and help you file a complaint with the right authorities.

To receive this free assistance, please contact us:
The Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston

If you have been approached by or entered into business with a company that uses the below tactics, you may have encountered a mortgage rescue scam artist.

Contact the Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston today if you know a business that:

  1. Aggressively seeks you out to "help" you get a loan modification..
  2. Collects a fee before providing any services. This is illegal..
  3. Tells you they can stop the foreclosure process, for a fee..
  4. Guarantees they can get you a loan modification. No one can promise that a loan modification will be successful..
  5. Instructs you not to contact your lender, lawyer, or credit or housing counselor..
  6. Encourages you to lease your home so you can buy it back over time..
  7. Recommends you make your mortgage payments to them, rather than your lender. Never, ever (!) do this..
  8. Urges you to transfer your property deed or title to them (never do this either!).
  9. Offers to buy your house for cash at a price that is much lower/higher than the market..
  10. Pressures you to sign papers you haven't had a chance to read or that you don't understand..
  11. Offers to fill out paperwork for you..
  12. Only accepts payment by cashier's check or wire transfer.
And beware of the following deceptive advertising slogans:

"Stop foreclosure now!"

"Get a loan modification!"

"Over 90% of our customers get results."

"We have special relationships with banks that can speed up the approval process."

"100% Money Back Guarantee."

"Keep Your Home. We know your home is scheduled to be sold. No Problem!"

To receive this free assistance, please contact us:
The Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston

¿Es usted el propietario de una casa?

¿Está atrasado en su hipoteca?

Si es así, no sea víctima de un fraude hipotecario por estafadores!

Es un hecho que los propietarios de viviendas vulnerables harán casi cualquier cosa para salvar su hogar de la ejecución hipotecaria. Estafadores de ayuda hipotecaria están alerta para tomar ventaja de esta desesperación, y les garantiza que puedan salvar su casa, reducir sus pagos de interés mensual, o conseguir las modificaciones de préstamos. En realidad, nadie puede garantizar esto. Los estafadores utilizan programas como "auditorías forenses" y "contrato de venta por arrendamiento financiero" a cargos de sumas enormes de dinero por adelantado a cambio de poca o ninguna ayuda, dejando a los propietarios de viviendas en mayor riesgo de ejecución hipotecaria. Algunos estafadores incluso, han tratado de conseguir que firme las escritura de bienes de la propiedad a su nombre!

Si usted ha recibido cartas, llamadas telefónicas o visitas de personas o empresas que se ofrecen para ayudarle a evitar la ejecución hipotecaria de su casa - o conoce a alguien que esto le ha sucedido — pó ngase en contacto con el Centro de Equidad de Vivienda del área metropolitana de Boston hoy! Examinaremos su caso, le informaremos sobre sus derechos, y proveeremos referencias legales gratuitas y al mismo tiempo le ayudaremos a presentar una queja ante las autoridades apropiadas.

Para recibir esta asistencia gratuita, contáctenos:
El Centro de Equidad de Vivienda del área metropolitana de Boston

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