Volunteering at the Center

can participate directly in the Fair Housing Center’s work
to eliminate housing discrimination and promote open communities
throughout the region.

are some specific Volunteer Opportunities:

Discrimination Investigators: Testing

Without volunteers, most housing discrimination goes undetected.
Therefore, the Fair Housing Center maintains a diverse group of
dependable, conscientious people 18 years and older to investigate
complaints of housing discrimination. Volunteers receive training
and a stipend for each investigation completed. Access to a car
is helpful but not necessary – testing does require a flexible
schedule and a few hours a month to volunteer.

and Special Event Help

and event volunteers are key to our success by helping to respond
to requests for information, aiding with media relations, conducting
multiple types of research, or assisting with computer needs. Some
regularly volunteer a few hours a week or a month in our Downtown
Crossing office, others are willing to be called for specific, time-limited
projects. Student work study positions and for-credit internships
are also available.

Committees: These regular meetings of Fair Housing Center Board
Members and interested people from the community work to further
a particular part of the Fair Housing Center’s agenda.

& Outreach Committee

committee promotes the Fair Housing Center in the larger community;
develops and cultivates existing and new relationships with community
leaders, organizations, and other stakeholders; and helps to increase
the Fair Housing Center’s visibility.

Development Committee

committee oversees the Fair Housing Center’s resource development
activities. Committee members are board members and members of the
community interested in helping the Fair Housing Center raise the
money it needs to be effective. Volunteers can assist with specific
6-8 week commitments such as major gifts campaigns, special events,
or the annual fund as well as participating in the ongoing committee.

and Planning Committee

members and members of the board on this committee think strategically
about changes and trends in the Greater Boston community and the
world of fair housing work and their implications for Fair Housing
Center’s programmatic directions. They also initiate and oversee
the organization’s comprehensive strategic planning processes.

Development Committee

committee is responsible for the effectiveness and functioning of
the board and its committees. It ensures a continuous improvement
process, which includes regular board development and evaluation.
It is also responsible for the continual process of cultivating
potential new board and committee members and leadership development
for the Center.

more information on any committee or volunteer opportunity, contact